Affordable home renovation tips for HDB

With so many HDB around Singapore, such as HDB Pasir Ris, getting yourself a new home is not difficult as long as you meet the criteria. Have you recently gotten yourself a new home? Are you planning to renovate your new home but you have no idea on where to start? Fret not, this article will guide you through some affordable home renovation tips for your HDB flat.

First of all, there are two options available out there:

1. Engage with an interior designer and the interior design manages the entire process starting from design all the way until you move in;

2. Self manage by finding your own contractor and different service providers. Of course, option 1 would definitely be an easier option, especially for working adults. Bear in mind that engaging an interior designer will cost slightly more than managing the renovation yourself. If you are not engaging any interior designers, make sure you look for reliable contractors. Always compare 3 quotes before you decide on which contractor to engage with.

1 : Set a budget
It is important to have a budget for your home renovation to prevent yourself from overspending on unnecessary things as it helps you to be in control on how you spend your home renovation fund. You can always choose to use a budget planner to help you keep track of your available budget for your home renovation. Look at your current finances and set a realistic budget accordingly.

2 :Planning and design
First of all, you will need to start planning. Plan your budget, your ideal designs, the theme for your living room and bedrooms, the materials you prefer and so on. You can also start seeking for advices from your family and friends. This will reduce any unnecessary work throughout the renovation process.

It is essential to set a budget for your home renovation. There are also renovation loans available if you really need one. Most of the renovation loans available in Singapore allow you to have a loan of maximum S$30,000.

There are many websites that you can visit to get some ideas on what design you prefer. Get yourself exposed to different kind of designs out there. From there you can decide on the paint color, lighting, curtains and etcetera. Narrow down the designs you like and discuss with your interior designer if you engage in one. Share your ideas with your interior designer on the style you prefer for you living rooms, kitchen, bedrooms and toilets.

3 : Compare quotations
If you are engaging with an interior designer, make sure you have a list of interior deisgners you prefer before you sign the contract. Discuss with your preferred interior designer on the designs and pricing to make sure you are getting the best out of it. Tell your interior designers your budget and your preferred designs and theme for your house to prevent any disappointments.

With so many websites in the Internet such as Pinterest where you can look for ideas, it has definitely made your life easier by helping you to narrow down on the theme that you would like for your house.

4 : Minimal hacking
Wall hacking involves demolishment of walls or other structures in your house. It could be hacking a wall to combine two rooms into one or it could be because you want to build a partition. Try to minimize any hacking work for your house. If you really need to hack a wall or two, make sure you get permission from the authorized party before you start your hacking journey to avoid getting fined. In addition, do try to minimize the rerouting of plumbing, rewiring, and addition of windows.

5 : Wallpaper and painting
Having wallpapers for your house is definitely recommended as it is a cheaper option to nice and creative painting. Moreover, it is easily changeable if your tastes ever change in the future.

If you do not like wallpaper, you can choose to paint your house instead. Choosing the right paint makes a huge difference. Using the right paint can instantaneously revive and brighten your initially dull looking unit. Therefore, choose a color that will brighten up your unit or a color that adds a touch of liveliness to your unit. Nobody wants to come back to a place where it further brings down your mood. Make sure to use only good quality paint as well to protect your home and will certainly last you a few years.

You can also choose to paint your existing cupboards or drawers at home so you will not need to spend extra on buying new furniture. This will definitely help you to save on buying new furniture for your house. Furthermore, the cupboard will look as new as it is after getting a new coat of painting.

In conclusion, you should always plan your budget ahead and stick through your budget to prevent getting yourself into debts. Get yourself a budget planner to prevent yourself from overspending on your renovation limit. You can also check out many websites such as Pinterest to get some ideas on what suit your home. You might even be able to DIY some things for your house.

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  1. Bagus dapat tips untuk renovasi rumah ni. Zaman sekarang ni ramai juga beli rumah lelong. Jadi nak ubahsuai untuk ikut selera sendiri

  2. Memang menjadi impian keluarga Ibu untuk bina rumah atas tanah sendiri. Harga makin mahal duitnya belum cukup lagi

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